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2024 litters planned:

We will announce litter plans for later this year, soon.

Sassy x Quinn babies are here!

Click HERE for AVAILABLE dogs

Click HERE to see PREVIOUS litters



Click HERE to see how and where we raise our puppies


If you are interested in a future puppy from me, please fill out the questionnaire and start communication with me now.  We keep in touch with our puppy homes, and would like updates and communication, as well as being here to help you and give advice from this end.  We have the best interest of the individual pup in mind when it comes to placements.  I am very pleased and proud of my puppy homes whether they are competition winners or household companions only.  Please understand also that there might be a wait for a puppy and therefore the sooner the better to start a dialog with me.  If I have talked to you in the past but you haven't already reserved a spot on my waiting list, I might not remember to contact you back regarding availability, so make sure to stay in touch and remind me.  Feel free to text or email or send a message through messenger.

Puppies are $2,500 unless you got on my waiting list with a deposit before the price change.  The reason I take deposits is because it lets me know that you are SERIOUS about one of MY dogs.  And if you change your mind, that is OK too!  I only want folks to have my babies who truly want one of mine and are patient. I'm happy to recommend other breeders or rescues if you just want the first available pup you can find or do not wish to wait.  

CLICK HERE to see pictures/video from the 2010 Holther Borders Family Reunion!

Please email for info on these potential litters


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