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MACH2 PACH2 ADCH Holther's Take No Prisoners MXS MJG MXP2 MJP2 MJPB OF

Greta x Tirade  DOB 7/16/11

OFA Hips EXCELLENT, Elbows Normal, TNS Clear

2014 AKC European Open World Team Member

Owned, loved, trained, handled by Tinna Brown who also owns ReCon and Sylo

2015  USDAA Cynosport 26” Grand Prix Semi Finalist - 2016 AyC FCI World Team Member – Grand Finalist
2016 Border Collie Classic, Top Placing USA Dog in Jumping 2 - 2017 FCI Americas Y El Caribe Individual Silver Medalist

Leverage “Levy” is Tinna Brown's 5th Border Collie.  In just a few months of showing, Levy was selected to represent the USA
as a member of the 2014 AKC European Open World Team at just over two years old and recently made the Grand Finals
in Colombia at the 2016 AyC FCI Championships.   Levy’s passion and willingness to please are just a few
of the qualities that make her a joy to live with as a loving member of a multi dog household.
Her ribbons/titles/list of accomplishments are nothing compared to the intelligence,
drive and focus this young lady possesses.  She also enjoys swimming, Frisbee and herding!


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